• July 21, 2024

Entrepreneurship Development Programs

 Entrepreneurship Development Programs

An entrepreneur is a package of several skills bundled together. YCC organizes EDP for training the aspirants to master skills like leadership, understand the concept of visualization that is possessed by an entrepreneur and are given exposure to meet the best entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves. YCC provides platforms for members to operate locally, state wise, region wise, national and internationally and to conduct interactive exchange programs to educate and promote youth entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are frequently thought of as national assets to be cultivated, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent.

A Start-up wanting to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills gets to hear, see and learn from leading entrepreneurs ruling the world with their extraordinary skills. On similar lines with seminars, YCC also conducts EDP’s functional, non-functional and core grounds to bring in versatility in the individuals.

Talent is natural but skill is only developed by hours, days and months of hard work. EDP is not just a program but it is a complete process that makes possible the transformation of an individual into an entrepreneur. These programs guide the individuals on how to start the business and effective ways to sustain it successfully. Any person wanting and willing to fly high as an entrepreneur, is trained to excel their skills by polishing and incubation via the EDPs.

Brainstorming Business Ideas & Mentorship Support

A mentor who is a senior and more experienced individual shall be assigned to act as an advisor, counsellor and a guide. A regular feedback from a mentor based on observation evolves a candidate into a better professional. YCC wants the youth to be highly successful and confident to take their ideas forward. We provide Business Counselling sessions at universities and colleges for ambitious bundles of talent who want to make a difference in the world through their start-ups or to those who would like to enrich themselves with information about the business world.

Brainstorming is a technique of applied imagination, which combines a relaxed informal approach to problem solving and lateral thinking. YCC with its extensive network of successful entrepreneurs organizes brainstorming sessions that encourage people to come up with thoughts and ideas which at first might seem a bit different, but with our endless support some of these ideas can be crafted into creative and original solutions.

WWhen imparting the youngsters with the knowledge of being successful entrepreneurs, YCC would brief them about all the tricks of the trade. YCC guides them on how to successfully brainstorm business ideas, so that they could come up with the best possible ideas for their businesses. As brainstorming is a group technique, these sessions involve discussions which spark even more ideas which eventually result into solutions and conclusions on matters of discussion.

Business Counselling

Many of the business owners and new entrepreneurs require assistance in developing business plans, assessing their business management skill level and training needs, preparing market research, developing new ideas for their business, business start-up, planning for expansion, and developing pricing and product strategies.

Business Counselling helps in exploring growth opportunities, address problem areas in your business, and establish a clear vision of how to get ahead. YCC adapts a highly effective process of business counselling, that enables business owners and senior managers to work through and explore possibilities on issues affecting their business, to strengthen the business economy worldwide. YCC recognizes the energy and potential in today’s youth and wants them to be highly successful and confident to take their ideas forward.

When one is ready to become self-employed or start their own business, YCC supports the needs to discover one’s true passion and self-belief, empowering the individual to make their own clear choices through Business Counselling Programs. It helps bring an increased self-reliance and confidence in a way so that one manages their enterprise in an efficient way. YCC’s Business Counselling Programs support in developing a consciousness that will enable to focus on and resolve the real issues that are met with positive outcomes.