• July 21, 2024

Global Investors Meet & Events

 Global Investors Meet & Events

Investors Meet is a global platform which aims to connect Entrepreneurs, Proposers and the Investors worldwide. It’s intended to create and facilitate the most optimized and viable business meeting place for engaging people in constructive discussions, evaluation and execution of promising business ideas.

YCC provides this platform for Start-ups and young entrepreneurs to associate themselves with investors and other successful entrepreneurs with the ‘Investors Meet’ where the members discuss and share their ideas and further meet people who are interested in their work. It is a learning experience for the young entrepreneurs with opportunities to interact with established entrepreneurs world over. YCC has a network of successful entrepreneurs who would invest in potential projects & start-ups. For entrepreneurs, this is an ideal place to find out suitable investors and partners to start or expand their business.

YCC’s primary objective is to create the most optimized and viable arena to bring out the most promising business and help give it the highest possible opportunity with the investors.

o    Seminars

Seminars are academic instructions offered by a commercial or professional organization focusing on a subject networked to enhance knowledge, share perspectives, empower new ideas, improve communication skills that add a professional experience to one’s learning. Seminars are geared more towards learning about a particular topic or related subtopics. They involve guest speakers who are experts in the relevant field. Seminars typically give out information and knowledge to the attendees.

YCC arranges for seminars to help youngsters get a glimpse of the actual work they are looking to do and understand the various fieldworks better. These seminars look at opening fresh and novel areas in the minds of the individuals, so they have enough room for innovation. YCC brings groups for recurring meetings, focusing each time on subject which enhances the participants to polish their learning.

Our seminars for industry professionals enhance their core skills to stay ahead of evolving trends. Our leading-edge professional seminars sharpen the analytical skills and business enhancement skills that bring about a qualitative difference in their work.

o    Trade Fairs

Trade Fairs are temporary events organized at recurring intervals so that new products and services have the opportunity to be presented. With a steady increase worldwide in such fairs, it is ideal to get a quick overview and find out the right trade shows for their products and services. Trade fairs play important roles in marketing as well as business networking in market sectors that use them.

With YCC’s global connections and YCC International in U.A.E, there seems no holding back onto deciding the right platform for your trades.

Trade Fairs are hosted by YCC, so that our young entrepreneurs have a chance to showcase the details and products of their business, meet industry members who can be potential partners in the future and examine recent market trends and opportunities all in the process to help global businesses grow to soaring heights.

o    Awards and Recognitions

Community Awards

Achievers who are passionate about their causes and make valuable contributions to every organization in which they are involved are people who are dedicated, committed and involved whenever called upon to assist.  Their contributions are endless.  Awards and recognitions provide an opportunity to identify an individual or group for excellence and achievement in a specific field.  Those who attain these community awards are driven by the changes and affects that they are creating in their communities.

YCC believes that it is important to acknowledge, recognize and appreciate in a tangible way the efforts of all the achievers.

Business Awards

Business awards aren’t just about a pat on the back or a quick ego boost. They enhance a company’s reputation, help employees take pride in their work and instil confidence in customers about the quality and professionalism of the organization. It also improves the networking opportunities by raising the profile within the industry.  

YCC organizes these awards to recognize and appreciate the businesses or individuals that have demonstrated a significant and sustained commitment towards positive business development, economic growth and diversity.