• July 21, 2024

Social Innovations

 Social Innovations

With the large experience a working professional brings in, also comes potential innovative ideas which YCC supports in various ways. Social innovation is about creating new social structures that allow issues of justice, education, environmental protection, sustainability and community development to be reframed so that new solutions can come forward. Social innovators question the premises on which existing social structures are built and then reimagining systems and institutional relationships to bring about change. The distinction between social entrepreneurship and social innovation is fluid and there is often an overlap between between the two change making approaches.

It involves creating new products or services to address social or environmental needs. The products and services are made available through existing market structures. These are enterprises with a social betterment goal that are structured to make a profit. The business model creates shared value, meaning that the organization simultaneously generates financial benefits and environmental or social benefits. YCC’s “EXHIBIT YOUR INNOVATION” program welcomes every individual or group of professionals to bring their thoughts on the table and compete with the best of technologies and theories enlisted. The innovations shall be scooped with best interests by invitees who favour to support or adopt the projects.

YCC’s social innovation is a process of developing new ideas and concepts and deploying effective solutions to social, economic and environmental issues accompanied with the right strategies and support by organizations that aim to meet the needs. Adoption and integration of such innovations accelerates the success rate and amplifies its impact through the power of co-working and collaboration.

YCC’smission is to bring social and environmental change to the world. Through research, education, and experiential learning, we strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions to complex problems globally. We envision a networked community of leaders actively working across sectors, frontiers, and disciplines to build a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world.

o    Support Causes

Youth development support programs, guides you through their activities for underprivileged youth, supporting young people and families all over the world. YCCis focused on helping children to get to a platform to enhance their skills. We strongly believe that every young person has talents to be discovered and proper educational guidance is a push further so that they can regain confidence and take control of their lives. This belief has led us to create various programs for underprivileged and people in need of support all over the world.

YCC Foundation through the various programs raises funds and provides seed grants to promising pilot projects in select countries, in response to identify needs based on assessments. Projects are further implemented through local partners in YCC’s network which will be youth driven, engaging government, civil society and the private sector in the development of employ-ability, entrepreneurship and leadership skills for young people.

o    Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept of doing well, by doing good. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility programs, philanthropy and volunteer efforts, businesses can benefit society while boosting their own brands. YCC integrates social and environmental concerns in its business operations and interactions with the stakeholders and hosts events for awareness and for critical causes. It adds a positive impact to a character, serves as a platform for the youth to go out of their way and reach out and be the change they want.

Corporate Social Responsibility not only supports community development, but also sustainable management of our everyday business activities. Corporate Social Responsibility is an evolving business practice that incorporates sustainable development into a company’s business model. It has a positive impact on social, economic and environmental factors. We know how important large organizations play a positive role in the economy and society at large.

Therefore, we believe that a responsible organization cannot solely be concerned with making a profit. YCC also focuses on social investment on high-impact areas such as enhancing the welfare of people with disabilities and raising the financial literacy level of the communities we serve.

o    Health Care Support Initiatives

YCC’s distinguished panel along with healthcare executives identify the pressing issues to be focused and areas which need active attention and quality initiatives to support the needy. Our healthcare initiatives routinely pursue performance improvement programs to improve clinical outcomes.

YCC is passionate about giving back to the community. Through its Healthcare Support Initiatives, YCC is fortunate to be able to contribute to the lives of those facing significant challenges or individuals who are less fortunate. YCC builds relationships grounded in patience, kindness, gratitude, and respect. In our teams and in our work, we bring our whole selves in an authentic and caring spirit and encourage others to do the sam