• July 21, 2024

YCC & Transguard

Transguard Group was established in 2001 and has diversified significantly, now leading in the fields of Cash Services, Security Services, Manpower Services and Integrated Facility Services. Transguard is the UAE’s most trusted business support and outsourcing provider and has a large, dynamic and culturally diverse numbering more than 65,000 people

Based on the interactions with Transguard Group, YCC has proposed the following initiatives to be planned and executed in association with NSDC.

Tie up with YCC online platform “Skills Youth”.

YCC has created a unique online platform for hiring skilled certified workers from India. For the portal, YCC has collaborated with NSDC to leverage their network of training centres on ground and the large database of skilled & certified candidates.


  • Access to database of more than 15 Million trained & certified candidates of NSDC
  • Reach of more than 8000 skill training centres across India
  • Trained candidates from across 39 sectors including Construction, Hospitality, Security, Logistics and Automotive
  • Single portal providing end to end solutions for hiring and deploying workers
  • Smart contracts with employers based on Block chain technology

Way Forward

  • Transguard to share demand for upcoming placement opportunities with YCC
  • YCC has shortlisted candidates from certified database in association with NSDC and details to be available on the portal
  • Facilitate with nearest NSDC training centre to organize locations for trade centres
  • YCC through their shortlisted Indian Recruitment Agents/Transguard approved Recruitment Agents facilitate trade tests / employment drives.
  • Facilitate conduct of pre-departure orientation trainings at NSDC identified locations.