• July 21, 2024

Youth Development Programs

 Youth Development Programs

YCC’sYouth Development Programs are a pro-social approach that engages youth within groups, communities, schools, universities, organizations, etc. in a manner that is productive and constructive. It recognizes, utilizes and enhances the youth’s energy, ideas and strengths to promote positive outcomes by providing individualistic and business opportunities to accelerate their career, growth and income streams. It fosters positive relationships and furnishes the necessary support needed to build on their leadership strengths.

We at YCC believe that resilience and competency build up are essential in helping youth to navigate themselves in healthy ways that provide the groundwork for an exciting and promising array of programs.

Youth can make excellent entrepreneurs. They are idealistic, energetic and knowledgeable about local and global economies. They represent over half of societies around the globe and are the driving force to innovation, progress, and the future. In a bid to combat the unemployment issue where academic qualification do not meet the employable stature of professional world, YCC’s youth programs are revolutionary. We encourage every employed or unemployed individual to acquire productive skills irrespective of gender, age, race and nationality. Our objective is to watch the results of our programs benefit the world at large.

Achiever’s Talk

Successful people having past experiences with their business, growth, achievements and understanding help to inspire the people of the future.

Achievers are driven by a motive to achieve with a strong desire to accomplish something important. Being action oriented, they translate positive intentions into tangible results with an attitude of action. They are restless and never standing still, always thinking, taking action and on the move, testing and applying ideas. They are always engrossed in figuring out what works and replicating it, and what doesn’t, changing their approach until it delivers a positive outcome.

YCC Achiever’s Talk brings those immensely talented achievers to share their experiences and lessons with people who can draw – through their lives to learn, to grow independently and survive the competition out there. YCC understands that these talks help people thrive at their work and via organising these events and programs it helps them gain motivation for their professional career growth.