• July 16, 2024

Global Immersion Program

 Global Immersion Program

YCC Global Immersion Program is an initiative to link Industry and Academia to provide students/youth with high level of economic, cultural and geo-political exposure to leading global destinations. These programs are designed to promote academic, linguistic and cultural exchanges worldwide. Building relationships across cultures has always been vital for creating a  a more peaceful and just world. People from diverse cultures and backgrounds should know and understand one another and gain the skills they need to contribute as citizens and leaders as they form the global partnerships that undergird global security, economic stability and tolerance. Participating students have the opportunity to learn from a tremendous group of professionals while also immersing themselves in another culture and building strong relationships with their diverse cohort. The course is composed of on-campus sessions, a multi-week study tour and written assignments. 

YCC has created custom professional exchanges designed to help participants build their global networks and gain knowledge to succeed on an international level. YCC works with professional associations to develop an agenda that addresses their needs, ensuring that the exchange is relevant to their member’s professional development.

YCC is committed to offer members and professionals from across all countries with the best of its programs to improve their leadership development, civic rights & responsibilities, respect for diversity, community engagement, social transformation and intercultural dialogue & exchange fluency for better education, job opportunities to simply instill an initiative and drive a change into their lives enhancing leadership competency. They achieve this through Language courses, Internship Programs, Training sessions with exposure to globally accepted qualifications, Seminars with translators and Community Services. Eventually empowering members to engage constructively in the civic life of the local and global communities.

The key objectives of the YCC Global Immersion Program are:

  • To provide an understanding of the region’s businesses/industries, cultural diversity and economic scenarios
  • To achieve a working knowledge of local industries/businesses through interaction and workshops
  • To understand various global employment indicators and explore the value of different economic models as benchmarks for global practices
  • Build their global networks and gain knowledge to succeed on an international level